Tickets will be released on Friday November 8th at 10.00 am (Swedish time)


Tickets will be released via and Visit Dalarna (tourism offices in Dalarna). There are three ways to purchase Vinterfest tickets:


The fastest way is that you shop via our ticket shop.


You choose which concerts you want to buy tickets to, how you want to pay your tickets and how to have them delivered.


You can choose to pay with your card or internet bank in a secure payment solution. Tickets can be printed from a PDF file you receive to your email, or you can show them on your cellphone.


Via Visit Dalarna (tourism offices in Dalarna):
Sell regular tickets and seats for people with disabilities with escort.

Call either +46(0)248 – 79 72 00 or +46(0)771-62 62 62.


If not sold out, we sell tickets at the door on the venue.
During Vinterfest, the box office opens 30 minutes before the concert starts.


If you have questions, please contact Musik i Dalarna on +46(0)23- 77 40 50

Good to know


Welcome to Vinterfest! Our concerts take place in different types of venues – a hallmark of Vinterfest! Many of the venues have not regular concert activities, which means that they are not always suitable for people with disabilities of various kinds. Do you have special needs, please call Musik i Dalarna on +46(0)23-77 40 50 in advance so we can prepare for your visit.
In venues, where it can be difficult with wheelchairs, we ask you to book our priority seating so that we can prepare for the visit. Hearing loop is available only at the concerts in Moraparken. We open the doors 30 minutes before all concerts.
More information about Vinterfest can be found in tourism offices in Dalarna. If you need help booking hotels or other activities, please contact Visit Dalarna.


Vinterfest is organized by Musik i Dalarna and do not hesitate to contact us on +46(0)23-774050 regarding tickets or if you have special requests.